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I'm sad to announce that I will be closing this blog down at the end of the year. My last giveaway will run the week of December 20th. Thanks to all the readers and sponsors that have been so supportive!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bumble Alley Boutique $50 gift card winner! states that comment #49 is the winner! Michele P., that's you! Since you left your email address in the comment, I'll go ahead and forward it to Maria and she can contact you to find out what item you would like to have!

Also, anyone besides Michele P. reading this, don't fret! Remember Maria said that for 2 weeks following the giveaway she would offer readers of this blog 15% off!? Sweet! Just mention See it! Love it! Win it! via etsy or facebook to get your discount. Stay tuned for a chance to win another great item tomorrow... I'll be posting a giveaway from Steph at Somewhat Simple!


Lynette said...

Yay! Congrats to the lucky Michelle P.
Can't wait to see the giveaway tomorrow:)

Michele P. said...

thanks so much! My daughter has a big party coming up in July and this is definitely going to help all of the items are so gorgeous!!! My 8 yr old is super happy as am I-Maria has already contacted me as well, thanks again to both of you :)

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