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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What I Like Wednesdays - Blogmania

So, it's pretty obvious by now that I like giveaways right? I'm excited to say I've signed on to participate in this big blogging event this fall...

It is a twice yearly, 2 day blogging extravaganza! There are 175 blogs participating and the minimum giveaway on each of those blogs is $100, most are doing much, much more. I know of a few that are close to $500 already! Needless to say there is going to be ALOT of merchandise given away during those 2 days!

I've decided to center my giveaway theme around something that never goes out of style...

This giveaway will be all things baby/new mom related. Must haves for before, during and after your sweet bundle arrives!

Done having babies? I am too and it's no problem, you can still enter to win...Think how nice it would be to never have to shop for baby shower gift again for awhile!

Here are a few sneak peeks of what will be up for grabs September 15th-16th here on
See it! Love it! Win it!

 Nursing Cover from Udder Covers

Custom Name/Birthdate Necklace from juliethefish designs

Baby Announcement from tickledpinkpaperie

(This is an example. The winner will get to choose their design.)

Car Seat Canopy from TheChicBabyShop

(This is an example. The winner will get to choose their design.)

Set of 4 Burp Cloths from 10Fingers10Toes

(This is an example. The winner will get to choose their design.)

Fabric Designer Baby Wipes Case from WeeLittlePea

(This is an example. The winner will get to choose their design.)

$45 towards sling of choice at lilpeeperkeepers

Swaddler of your choice from Ahmelie

(This is an example. The winner will get to choose their design.)

$40 credit towards anything in SprinklesOfLove's etsy shop

Customized Alphabet Initial Print (8 x 10) from nuevodesigns

(This is an example. The winner will get to choose their design.)

New Baby Gift Set from babybumz

Set of 2 Germie Stoppers from lilsteinstyles

Plus tons more! Keep checking back for more sneak peeks on what's to come! Be sure to check out the sponsor shops in the mean time. They have tons of cute things that would be perfect for gift giving if you need something before the big giveaway!

Also, I'd love to hear your ideas of what your 'New Mom Must Haves' are. Let me know in the comments section and maybe I can add them to the giveaway! If you know of anyone who would be interested in sponsoring an item, send them my way!


Melissa G. said...

What a great sneek peak! There some awesome stuff there!

Sarah said...

Looks awesome! SLINGS Mine Saved me with my 3rd baby! It kept my hands free for the others!

Jenny said...

A must have thing (at least for me) is going to be Lanisoh or some other breastfeeding nipple cream.
It looks like you have a great giveaway going! :D

Lynette said...

Oh my! All of those are awesome! I can't wait to check out each of thier shops!!! And what an awesome idea.

My must have was the sling/wrap.

Meg said...

They all look great!

One thing I have new for my 3rd baby and I am loving and wishing I had for the first two is a pacifier holder that ties onto a crib. Kinda something like this -[]=tags&includes[]=title

Juniel & Stewart Bingham said...

What a neat giveaway! The closet dividers are just what I need to get organized! Hmm... perhaps I'll work on making some of those for myself! :)



LOts of fun cute stuff!


I want it all!

Barb, Diabetic Snacker said...

I'm going to be in Blogmania too so I'll see you there! Signed up for your rss feed today so I'll be ready.

carolyncharris said...

They are all so cute!!

carol myers said...

I am going to be a grandma soon. This is Perfect timing. I can't wait. I can't wait to check out some of these sites you mentioned,get some good ideas!! Thank you. I just found you from the BlogFrog!!!

shannon Long said...

Sarah i love your designs!

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