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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What I Like Wednesdays - Toy Story!

So, for Father's Day yesterday, we took a family outing to see this...

We are major Toy Story lovers at this house. Tyson and Ryan developed a love for Buzz and Woody at a very young age. We had several talking Woodys, Buzz Lightyears, Bullseyes, etc at our house. They had to each have one, and we would have to write their name on the bottom of the boot, just like Andy had his...

so there was no way to blame if one was lost, you always knew which one it was! In fact, Ryan found one at Grandma's house a few months ago and after some fresh batteries, he works like a champ. For the record, it has Tyson's name on the boot. ;)

We had Woody "costumes" that Tyson insisted on wearing even in 100 + degree weather...

Buzz and "Slinky" halloween costumes...(Slink was actually just a cute little puppy costume from Old Navy, but they thought it was perfect!)

Tyson even sported a Buzz and Woody shirt on his first day of preschool!


And the real test, even now, after all these years, they were still super excited to see their old pal Woody when we were at California Adventure this past spring!

Needless to say, we all loved it! There is a part in the movie where Andy's mom is thinking back to when he was little and would play with all the toys. It kinda made me at bit misty eyed, me of all people!
The kids for sure grow up way too fast.

Have you seen it? I'm still debating between which is my favorite, 2 or 3...
So, what did you think? Discuss!

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Bree said...

Cute site!!! following from Blogmania, I love your blog roll, great idea. I want something on my front page and that may be the perfect fit! Thanks!

Teaching Tiny Tots said...

Cute Pictures! We are planning to see that movie soon too. Glad to hear it's a good one!

Tonia said...

Okay so those pictures totally got me all teary!! I can't wait to see the movie though. I love Toy Story 2.

Chiemi said...

We are taking the girls to see it tomorrow! I've heard some really great things about it.

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