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I'm sad to announce that I will be closing this blog down at the end of the year. My last giveaway will run the week of December 20th. Thanks to all the readers and sponsors that have been so supportive!

Monday, July 26, 2010

The Bag Lady of South Carolina!

This week's giveaway comes to us from Patty over at bagladyofsc! I first found Patty when I went in search of a tutorial on how to make these adorable key fobs I kept seeing everywhere. I found Patty's link in the tutorial and I ordered from her that day! She sells these awesome kits that have just about everything you need! She's so great to work with too!
She has tons of colors to choose from for your webbing, all you need is ribbon and heat n bond and you can start making them! She has several other adorable things in her shop! These adorable paper clip sets are too cute.

Or how about these adorable collapsible shopping totes! Love them!

Patty has generously agreed to give a monogrammed travel mug to the winner of this giveaway!

Entering to win is simple! Just head over to Patty's shop and tell me what you'd love to have!

For extra entries you can...

"Heart" Patty's etsy shop

Follow See it! Love it! Win it!

Spread the word via your blog, facebook or twitter. Be sure to leave a link!

This giveaway will close Saturday the 31st at 11:59 PM PST.
The winner will be announced on Sunday. Good luck!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Penguin Stands Alone Winner!

We had over 300 entries for this giveaway! I know everyone wanted this so bad, I wish everyone could get one! Having said that, has chosen a winner...

Congratulations Chiemi! I can't wait to see what Lindsay comes up with for your family!

Thanks to all who participated. Be sure to check back in tomorrow for a great giveaway from bagladyofsc!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Penguin Stands Alone!

This week's giveaway comes to us from Lindsay over at

I can't even express how long I've been looking forward to this giveaway! I first found Lindsay's site when my friend Laura posted on her blog this portrait Lindsay had done of her.

So adorable!

Here is Lindsay to tell you a little more about herself!

She's worked on a television show! Crazy!

Here is another collage of some of my favorites from her. The top right is one you Twilight fans will appreciate, she drew these up for some shirts for the 'New Moon' movie premiere. The bottom right is one she did for a card company for baptism cards! Love it!

I love, love, love when she does family portraits!

I love them so much, that I got her to do one of my family!

Love it! Can't even express how much I ♥ her for making my face way cuter than it actually is. :) And she honestly couldn't have drawn Jeremy any better, looks just like him! I called Tyson into the room and asked him who he thought this picture was of...he said to me..."Dude, that looks just like us!" I think she did such a great job!

Here's the best part...You can win one of your family too!  Lindsay has so generously offered a family portrait, similar to the one she did for me, to the winner of this giveaway! (Up to 6 people, if you have more than 6 people, there will be a small fee of $25 per person.) That's a $200 value!

Entering to win is simple!

Check out Lindsay's blog and let me know what is your favorite!

For extra entries you can...

Follow See it! Love it! Win it!

Spread the word via your blog, facebook or sure to leave a link!

Tell me what you would have Lindsay do for you if you won! (Family portrait, just the kids, etc.)

*Extra Super Bonus Entry :) Tell your friends about this giveaway! If you were sent here by a friend, let me know in the comments section who sent you (first and last name so I can be sure to give proper credit) and they can earn extra entries for each person they send this way!

This giveaway will close Saturday the 24th at 11:59 PM PST

The winner will be announced on Sunday. Good luck!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Lark's Country Heart Winners!

Remember, we have 3 winners this week!
(Note, my numbers start at 2 instead of 1...The spreadsheet has the options in line 1, I was too lazy to fix it, so we started at 2.)

The first winner will be receiving a $20 gift credit to Lark's Country Heart on Etsy! chose...

The 2nd winner will receive a domino pendant of their choice... chose...

Winner 3 will receive a charm bookmark of their choice... chose...

Congratulations ladies! I'll forward your email information to Lark and she'll be in touch with you!

Thanks to all who participated. Be sure to check back tomorrow for a great giveaway from

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What I Like Wednesday - Digiscrapping!

So, I have to preface this by saying, I've never been much of a scrapbooker. I don't like the mess of it, I'm not original (I need to copy other people's ideas, step by step) and I just never developed a liking for it. Last fall, my friend Kate invited me to go to a workshop that her friend was putting on. I wasn't able to go, but when Kate told me she was doing another one on Memorial Day, I was so excited to go! So, we got all signed up and headed out that morning for Vegas. We pulled up to the house and this is what it looked like...
(I stole all these pics from Shondell. I'm lame and even if I would have thought to bring my camera, we all know the battery would have been dead anyways.)

Um, can you say crazy gorgeous!? Loved it. They had this amazing staircase when you walked in, crazy!

So, we get settled in the basement and start setting up our computers. We look behind us and see these huge floor to ceiling windows, but it's dark on the other side. After awhile we notice it's lit up and this is what was on the other side of the window...

Of course I had to snap a pic to send to Tyson! How awesome would it be to have that in your house!? My boys would be in heaven. Poor Tyson goes outside when it's over 100 degrees to play basketball at our house, this would come in quite handy! They also had this enclosed slide that went from the family room upstairs, down to the basement. We were so tempted to try it out, I'm not sure why no one did! So, on to the digital scrapping... Alisha taught us so much great stuff! Some stuff I caught onto fairly quickly, other stuff...not so much! We had catered lunch from Macayos and it was fabulous! So good. We finished up the afternoon with more amazing info. I had never even attempted to use photoshop before this and now at least felt like I could get started on some projects. Shondell brought bundt cakes from her company A Better Bundt that were so good! She had lemon poppy and chocolate and they were both so good! If you're in the St. George area and have a need for cakes, definitely check her out! Delicious!

So, we wrapped up the day and got ready to come home. Shondell got some pictures of us in action...what I want to know is why do Becky (on the left, she's the cute host that let us take over her house for the day) and Brigit look so cute and smiley...

and Kate and I look, well, special...

lol. Oh well. We did get a group shot before we left (a few had already had to leave) in front of their adorable playhouse in the basement. So cute with the shutters and flower boxes and tiny door!

So, here are a few things I've made since the class! Towards the end of the day we worked on these recipe cards that you format at a 4 x 6 size and then print out. I was beyond frustrated by that time (I think it was that I hadn't had a diet coke all day ;)  so I waited and started mine the next day.

I also did this Chicken Alfredo card, but I think I want to go in and put something other than black so it's a bit easier to read. For now, it will do...

I also made this header for my SIL Tonia's craft blog.

So, as I have more time, I'll mess around with it more. I'm getting a new camera soon so hopefully I'll have more pictures to do stuff with! I still haven't attempted to scrap anything with an actual image! Oh, I do have to show these adorable nametags that Alisha made for each of us to wear for the workshop.

(Sorry, as usual, it's a cell phone pic, but you can get the idea!)

Aren't they adorable!? So, do you digiscrap? What sites do you like for downloads?

Monday, July 12, 2010

Lark's Country Heart!

This week's giveaway comes to us from Lark over at

Lark's Country Heart

I've known Lark for what seems like forever, I'm really not even sure how many years. She has a daughter that's the same age as my oldest son. She is always participating in craft fairs, etc and her house is filled with so many cute crafty things! Here is Lark to tell you a little more about herself...

I am a 38 yrs. young! I have a variety of hobbies...I love to run marathons, bake, collect recipes, make jewelry, paint wood crafts and of course shop!
I have been married for 13 yrs. this August. We have an 11 yr. old daughter. I am a Licensed Manicurist, as well as a Baker. I Love to hang with my Family & Friends. I love to run, I have found I really enjoy this form of exercise. Marathon's are a new "love" in my life. My personal goal is to do 10 running (marathons) event's in 2010. So far I am half way to that goal! One of the BIG run's I have planned to do this year is the Susan G. Komen 3-Day Race for the Cure.
Where we will run 20 miles for three days straight. Yup, 60 miles in 3 days!
This is a HUGE fund raising event.
To even participate in it, I need to raise $2300.00. So please ANY amount Donated WILL help.

Lark recently started up an etsy shop and talked to me about doing a giveaway. I was so excited. She has such a nice variety of things available. Here are a few of my favorites from Lark's shop...

Love love love these notepad/pen sets. I especially ♥ the pink and brown one and it's perfect that it has a J on it, like it was made specifically for me! ;)

Also love these altered clipboards, I've been contemplating making one for forever now, just haven't ever gotten around to it.

LOVE to read, so these bookmarks are perfect for me. I'm a little ghetto in that I'm usually using some random target receipt to hold my place, this would be much cuter!

She has tons of awesome wooden picture frames in her store too. All handmade! Her hubby is an awesome carpenter so she's always making tons of fabulous wood crafts.

Lark also has a blog that has tons of recipes! This one is my fav! We all love it at our house. I can't wait to try this one too, I love snickerdoodles so this sounds so good!

Lark has generously offered to give prizes to 3 different winners!

1st prize will receive a $20 credit to Lark's Country Heart on Etsy

2nd prize will receive a domino pendant of their choice

3rd prize will receive a charm bookmark of their choice

Entering to win is simple!
(More simple than ever now that I've switched over to Google Docs, just fill out
the short form and hit submit!)

Go visit Lark's etsy shop and find something you can't live without!

You can earn extra entries by...

Adding Lark's button to your blog. (Can be found on right sidebar of her blog)

Following Lark's Blog

Following See it! Love it! Win it!

You can also earn 5 bonus entries for donating to Lark's Race For The Cure Goal!

This giveaway will close Saturday the 17th at 11:59 PM PST.

The winner will be announced Sunday. Good luck!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Bronzed Envy Winner! has chosen a winner.

Congrats Ally! I'll forward your email address to Blakeley and she will be in contact!
Thanks to all who participated! Be sure to check back tomorrow for a great giveaway from

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What I Like Wednesdays

It's obvious from the weekly giveaways here that I like contests right? This week I wanted to talk a bit about a contest that is starting today. It's related to Blogmania (which you can read more about by scrolling to the top of my blog and clicking on the link there) and my cute niece is entered!

Vote 4 Jaidyn

Alright, I'll just admit this upfront, it's a shameless plug. :) You can click on her picture above to vote for her. I might just be willing to let you have an extra entry into this week's giveaway. So, go on, vote for her, you know you want to...and don't forget to add your extra entry for doing so, you can just click the "other" box on the entry form and state that you "Voted for Jaidyn!" Thanks!

Also, because  Blogger lost some of my Bronzed Envy entries that have been posted thus far, be sure to go re-enter the giveaway using the new form. Sorry again for the inconvenience!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Bronzed Envy giveaway alert, if you have already entered, please read!

First item of business...Blogger has been acting up the past few days! Apparently they are having trouble with their commenting system and some of my comments/entries for this week's giveaway have been lost. They say they are working on it, but I'm not sure if once they get it fixed if the lost comments will be restored or not! I'm going a different route now, using google docs forms so hopefully this won't happen again! So, if you have already entered, if you wouldn't mind taking a minute to enter your info on the form I've added to the bottom to the original giveaway post, that would be great! Thanks so much and so sorry for the inconvenience!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Bronzed Envy!

This week's giveaway comes to us from Blakeley over at

I was so excited when Blakeley agreed to do a giveaway! I've been seeing Bronzed Envy all over the blogs lately and have wanted to try it for quite sometime. Here's Blakeley to tell you a little more about her and her business...

My name is Blakeley and I live in Austin, TX. I am a stay at home mom of two boys. I always knew I wanted to start my own business, but I didn't quite know what. After doing some researching for a family member about safer, quicker ways to tan I came across Airbrush Tanning. I instantly fell in love with the idea and wanted to start my own Mobile Airbrush Tanning Service. I started Bronzed Envy in October 2008 and the rest is history. People were calling right away! I make my own hours, and am able to be home for my kids during the day. After 4 months I had to hire my first "helper" and after 6 months, I was so busy I couldn't believe it! This service is so popular and women all over the place are attaching the word "addicting" to this service. All it takes is ONE tan and you are addicted! The results are a natural toasted almond bronze, with NO orange or red undertones in the solution! I know, because I've developed the color myself. I knew exactly what my clients were looking for, and what I couldn't find in a solution. I have clients coming to me after trying other places and stay with me mainly because they adore my color! I want to share this great opportunity with other women as well. I believe its the perfect business for stay-at-home moms wanting some extra income, or someone just like me, looking for something unique to start of their own. Its a fun, easy, low investment and high profit business! Make your own hours, be your own boss, and stay as busy as you would like! I can help you with everything you need to get started. Please feel free to check out my website or email me for more information!

Let's be real, who can resist this look, it's adorable...

Having said that, I don't want to be sporting it! I've gone through times in my life where I was a tanaholic. I'm the epitome of a white girl. Jeremy has nice dark skin and we literally look like ebony and ivory together! I finally decided I didn't want to risk cancer and the whole issue of being wrinkled before my time, didn't really appeal to me anymore. If you can use something "OTC" and get this look instantly, I'm all over it!

Blakeley has generously offered a can tan

to the winner of this giveaway! (I ordered a can too, can't wait to try it!)

"Tan in a can!"

It's the next best thing to an airbrush tan! It will give you an instant tan/color right away AND also develops into a darker tan over the next few hours! This stuff Rocks and is a best seller!!

Your very own jump start on Healthy looking beautiful skin!!

Entering to win is simple!

Head over to Bronzed Envy and tell me what you'd like to try.

For extra entries you can...

Become a follower of See it! Love it! Win it!

Become a follower of Bronzed Envy's blog.

"Like" Bronzed Envy on facebook

"Like" See it! Love it! Win it! on facebook.

Blog, facebook or tweet this giveaway. (Be sure to leave a link!)

Also, my SIL Tonia is having an auction on her blog this week to continue to raise money for her Relay For Life team. Bronzed Envy can help us acheive a nice, tan look without risking cancer, so I figured this was a perfect fit! Several talented ladies (myself included) have donated items to her auction.
You can earn 5 extra entries by visiting her blog and bidding on an item or donating!

*Be sure to leave a separate comment for each extra entry!

This giveaway will close Saturday the 10th at 11:59 PM PST.

The winner will be announced on Sunday. Good luck!

Since Blogger seems to be having some issues with their comment section, go ahead and fill out this google document form to enter! To those who had already entered and their comments were lost, so sorry for the inconvenience! I think I'll probably stick with google doc forms from now on as it seems to be faster and easier for those who are entering!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

L Photography Winner! has chosen a winner...

Congratulations Tiffany! I'll forward your info to Lynette and she'll be in touch!

Thanks to all who participated, be sure to check back tomorrow for a great giveaway from Bronzed Envy!

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